S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

The Chester Play of Sugar and Light

I'm living on sugar and light today. I opened my advent calendars for toys in the morning, and shortly thereafter ate a portion of chocolate-and-banana french toast. Afterwards, C. headed off for a day of sunshiny picture-taking, and I went off to watch the Chester Play of the Shepherds, which I recently advertised.

The play was great fun, pious and ribald, and largely comprehensible - it was performed in modern pronunciations of middle English. There was singing, there was fighting, there were miracles. My oldest Toronto friend (in terms of length of acquaintanceship) played the Virgin Mary very nicely. It was really good to see Lada again. She's always so busy, which is just what she wanted and proves she's making a successful career for herself as an actress, but equally that's part of why I only manage to see her on stage and immediately afterwards. We met years ago, playing singing and dancing sewer rats, and are in fairly regular email contact here in Toronto, but it's a shame we haven't actually managed to get together. She says that early February is currently good for her.

My afternoon was social. At the play, I ran into Sean and Mairi, both from Medieval Studies, but neither of whom had ever met the other. They have now. After the play, I talked with Lada, then ran into Moira and Anna and talked to Moira for a while about how much fun it is to go to academic conferences. Finally, I joined a group of Robin Hood fans at the pub, where I consumed yet more sugar, this time in the form of a chocolate mousse cake. I'm thinking that tonight might be a good opportunity to revise webpages, a long overdue task.

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