S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Webpage conversion

I'm slowly converting my webpages to use C.'s cunning template script. I'm doing any major redesigns in the process. That'll be a different set of efforts entirely. Instead, I'm trying to make it easy for me to make large-scale changes to my websites easily, to make it easy to add and remove pages with minimal fiddling and editing. Also, I'm changing the colors (finally) to make it legible. I've uploaded the first portion, but won't link to it until I've filled in a few of the gaps with links to currently non-existent pages.

My current goals are to convert all the pages to use the script and to provide more content about medieval technology, since that's where most of my hits are coming from. (When I can find out what the hits are... recently the hosting service hasn't been generating the list for subdomains, and C.'s script for doing the same requires python elements which don't exist under MacOs, annoyingly.)

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