S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Shiny New OS

I upgraded from Mac OS 10.1.5 to Jaguar 10.3.1 last night. It took several hours of waiting around. Early on, we had hopes of the upgrade finishing much sooner than it did, since the time-to-completion, was it turned out, only meant time until it completed installing that particular disk. Oh well. It's all upgraded now, and full of shiny silveryness. I haven't used it enough yet to notice the purportedly substantial speed improvements, but I have tried out Safari now to add to my ongoing list of web-browsers-which-might-work. This is just as well, since the release of Firebird I was using was crashing at least once a day. So far, so good. Safari is the first place I particularly noticed the active integration of the new font manager with the other pieces of software. The tabs look just as tidy and neat as they did under Firebird, and tidyness of tabs was the only feature for which Firebird was better than Mozilla. Web pages really do load extremely fast under Safari.

For once, I'm glad I've horded months worth of spam in a junk folder: it's the perfect raw material for training Baysian filters, which the new version of Mail comes with.

I haven't tried out iCal yet, but the calendaring software was one of my main incentives to invest in this particular upgrade, so I have high hopes. We'll see.

I installed the full set of language fonts which came with the OS, including the optionals, like Cyrillic, Arabic, and Hebrew. I don't know how any of them are integrated yet, but it'll be fun to play around with them. Of course, it also installed the default language scripts, such as Finnish and Brazilian Portuguese.

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