S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


For those keeping score, Friday was a loss. I will be buying the database software, but not until Tuesday, since all the stores are closed for the long weekend. Meanwhile, I wonder where my advisor is? It's been three months since I've heard from him now.

Music Night was satisfying - since we finally had a copy of the words, we made our first successful foray through Salisbury Hill. And the balance between strings and non-strings was better than it usually was... let's see, perhaps 4 guitarists, one electric guitarist, one bass guitarist, and one mandolinist. Plus many of the usuals: bagpiper, penny whistler, 2 bodhran players, two percussionists.

My week of birthday parties is over, all three of them. Cat's party was good, especially the cake, and her garden is settling in nicely, roses, honeysuckle, pepper plants, lots of herbs and vegetables. But the end of summer it may even be luxuriant. We have our pepper plants thanks to her, and she has the honeysuckle inspired by ours, in the hopes it will obligingly trellis over part of the next door neighbor's ajdoining garage wall.

Today's a day of online errands and general low-keyness, hopefully with a movie (Monsoon Wedding) in the evening, especially if I can track down Jenny, who was also interested in going with us. Since tomorrow's a holiday, we'll likely visit some of the many events (except that the city-sponsored ones are all cancelled, thanks to the strike), and perhaps go back to the beaches, where, yesterday afternoon, I went as far as I ever have on the skates. It was tiring and hot but, happily, not smoggy. Such a relieve to lose the smog and be able to breath again!

With less than a week remaining until the trip, I really need to do something about the rest of the tickets...

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