S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


Time management is something I'm working on being better at. A few days after acquiring, iCal looks like it'll be a great deal of help. So are looming deadlines. I'm trying to finish my essay grading today, but much of the morning is already passed. It's not as if I have nothing to show for it: I've updated the course website, answered a number of students' emailed questions, and my hair is clean. I've already spent most of the morning on course-related work, without doing any grading at all. I also urgently need to request letters of reference today for the programs I'm going to try to apply to before the end of the month - preferably before the end of next week.

This next week will go quickly. C. is going to Mexico soon, for work. As of Monday, I will have another batch of grading to work on. I still have some Christmas shopping left to do, packing, and various end-of-term events, birthday parties, house warmings, and at least one movie to watch. Four or five seasonal cards have arrived (including an utterly gorgeous Solstice one), not all of which I have opened yet. I suspect them of being cards, however. As usual, I won't have time to send my own cards, but I treasure hopes of at least writing back to anyone who sent one to me.

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