S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Conference land

I've been off doing conferences yesterday and today, bits of three different ones, with 90 to choose from. If I had known I could have easily gotten away without paying, I probably would have. But hey, I have a nifty tote bag to show for my investment. Obviously worth the price.

Thanks to the conferences, however, I've had very busy, very full, productive-feeling days. Sure, no dissertation work was done. But I talked to lots of nice and useful people, and saw lots of nice people I've not seen in ages. Went out for dinner, receptions, lots of talks. Satisfying, if tiring. And nicely social. I even ran into the person with whom, academically, I have the most in common! I also run into him at SciFi conventions. Always nice.

Oh! On Monday, I also went to a talk by a senior professor from Montreal who wrote 3 of the things on my specialist reading list. But I wimped out and didn't go introduce myself afterwards.

At some point this week I'll go back and check out the book room. On the "real work" from, I need to start database investigations.

I ran into people from latin class taking latin over the summer and felt little guilt twinges. Must. Take. More. Must. Resist. And write dissertation things.

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