S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Incoming chill

C. hasn't been talking to me. Instead, he's been making hand gestures to try to communicate answers to questions. His throat hurts and he's drinking lots of tea. Today, at least, he's improving. He was feeling well enough to join me (and a good many other people) at First Thursday tonight, where we discussed visas, movies, and LotR.

We're back in Toronto. I must have had a good vacation, for the city seems unfamiliar to me - and yet I know my way around it; I know where everything is; I can give directions to lost students and know the currency. I spent much of today updating my calendar and addressbook, two features of my new operating system which are good enough that I am making use of them. I particularly like the way it's possible to subscribe to calendars other people have put together in the calendar function: it meant I could quickly add national holidays for every country of vague interest to me (particularly countries where I am likely to have relatives to be visited).

Assorted notes:
* My sister has her first real publication credit in a U.S. government document! (You can read it yourself - It's a PDF File)

* My third attempt to find someone to write me a letter of reference came back positively - only the would-be letter writer is out of the country for the next two weeks.

* There is a conference on medieval trade and economy on campus which now conflicts with Vagantes. I have many free weekends, but no, for a second year running, Vagantes occurs on the same weekend as something else I want to attend. (I could always visit some other weekend if I don't end up coming, saffronjan).

* Thank you to whoever provided my NP referal bonus on Christmas Day!

* Tomorrow's low is forecast to be -20°C.

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