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Another day of heat

I like fireworks, and someday I'd like to watch from the water, rather than from the shore. Thanks to a group effort's worth of arranging things at the last minute, six of us from my Latin class + C. went to the Ontario Place fireworks last night. It was Kelli's initiative, but Kelli spent yesterday moving, and thus, understandably, had little to do with the details. As so often happens. Lindsay organized, but I was the only one with existing knowledge of where to go to watch the fireworks without paying to get into the grounds, so I made the actual decisions on where and when to meet in order to allow enough time.

Going there was surreal. The Molson Indy is next weekend, and Exhbition Place was already set up for it, as was Lakeshore Drive. Consequently, my confident knowledge of the area only partially helped, since all the routes had changed, and were blocked off by miles of chainlink fences and bleachers-made-inaccessible. When we turned onto Lakeshore, we found ourselves walking down a sidewalk barricaded on both sides as far as the eye could see by concrete barriers and chainlink fences, the grassy bank I'd been counting on watching from completely blocked off. C. said it was like being in Logan's Run. I don't think I've ever felt quite so safe walking next to what is effectively a six lane highway. A stranger was also caught in the same dilemma, but she had been down for fireworks more recently than I had been and knew we needed to head to the far end of Ontario Place. Eventually we found an open gate onto the grass and took advantage of it, hoping rather fervently we wouldn't be locked in.

As it turns out, after the surreal beginning, it all worked out much better than I could have hoped. After a very long time of walking across the grass, we saw people up ahead... and they were sitting on bleachers! We had a lovely view from a high up seat on the bleachers, much more civilized than the grass-sitting I'd been expecting, and we were about a two minute walk from various refreshment stands, so Kelli could indulge her hotdog needs, and I bought a bag of caramel corn. C. had remembered to refill the really really nifty water bottle we'd gotten early that day with fresh water.

And the fireworks were lovely! Somewhat less than 20 minutes long, it's true, but happily spectacular and glittery. We didn't miss many of them, just the few low ones - remember, we were in the free seats there, having skipped out on paying the 12 dollars entry fee to the park.

There were other highlights from the day. We ran into Becky and Gary at lunchtime - they were spending their Canada Day housecleaning. We went to Harborfront, where there were free concerts, a trampoline contest, and a large map of the country done in duck tape. Why not. The highlight was the concert we sat in on. I'd never heard of Lennie Gallant before, but he can certainly write songs. The band does folk/rock, so C. and I were both happy with it. And we bought the nifty bottle of water, which is nicely engineered. It was an Evian-brand water, with a sport-top type squeezy thing hidden beneath a top which clicks firmly into place and keeps it closed, while providing a circular handle to carry it from. It was niftier than most water bottles are, anyways. We also got a water coconut, which looked a great deal like the jellynut we'd had at the BBC music festival Thamesside the other year, but which wasn't nearly so good.

It was very, very hot, and somewhat smoggy to boot. Being down by the lake helped, but we still went through lots of water and, when I got home, I fell asleep for an hour. I did remember to take my hat for the day, though.

Also, I received some good news yesterday: my conference paper for October's been accepted! Katie's was too, so we'll be able to check out each other's professional work for the first time.

Today's goals are, sadly, only marginally dissertation related: write up some descriptions in the morning, exchange the lamp we bought on Saturday for one with a base, buy the DB software (see! Something related!), and then come home, cool off, and work on latin for tomorrow. Today's forecast is for 36 degrees with intense humidity. Not nice.


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Jul. 2nd, 2002 09:27 am (UTC)
I saw your video last night -- COOL!! you were very expertly :) I made my boyfriend and his geek roomates sit through it -- they liked it -- you're all famous!!! Miss you anyway and it was really cool to see you in any form.
Jul. 3rd, 2002 08:19 am (UTC)
Re: eeee!
Thank you! They edited me really nicely, I think. One friend suggested I burn a copy to disk and submit it with my resume in the future when applying for jobs.

I miss you too!
Jul. 3rd, 2002 09:18 am (UTC)
So Shansy ... how do you refill the Evian bottle? We got one a couple of months ago and I was all excited 'cos I loved the design too but neither of us could figure out for the life of us how to pop the top off to reuse it ...
Jul. 3rd, 2002 09:24 am (UTC)
It was easy, if we got the same kind. The fancy lid is a screw top. It just screws right off.
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