S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Do any of you read Russian?

I don't read Russian. This lack of competency hasn't generally caused me much worry in the past, but now, out of a sense of completeness, it does. Why? Because I just ran across a LJ community devoted to the Middle Ages in Russian, and I have a strong suspicion than many of the posters to the community should be on the list of medievalists with weblogs I maintain. (lj user="medieviste") If any of you can read the language and happen to be interested in the Middle Ages as well, I could use the help.

The list is at the point where it might be worth putting in a language column as well, so viewers could sort by language in addition to every other field.

Update: Alternatively, of course, I could just limit the list to languages I'm capable of dealing with myself and just have an addendum acknowledging the existence of weblogs in other languages. Hmm. That would mean I don't have to rely on other peoples' contributions, much as they would be nice.
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