S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Snow, with a light topping of parmesan

It's been snowing off and on for the last few days, which is particularly unfortunate since it's so cold. I quite like snow, as a general rule, especially when it's not in its slush phase. I don't like squeaky snow. When it's this cold out, the snow falls as a fine powder, easily gusted about into snow whirlwinds. Accumulation is by necessity quite gradual when the flakelets are so small. But it squeaks awfully under my boots!

The world is white and white again outside. Every few hours, it powders the lawns and sidewalks again to clean up after the footprints trodden into the layers of flakelets.

It's a good night for staying home and, perhaps, taking advantage of the many parmesan-cheese related products which Christmas brought us. There are many parmesan-cheese related kitchen supplies available without even getting into the cheese itself. Firstly, there's the cheese knife, custom made for prying off large chunks of parmesan. Then there's the dedicated cheese grater, with a compartment for the cheese and the handle on top for easy turning. You can use it at the table as is for informal meals. But for formal meals... well, that's why we also received a parmesan cheese bowl. Today, I stopped by a nice cheese shop and invested in the relevant kind of cheese so as to finally make use of some of these products. It's a good thing that not every cheese "requires" so much specialized culinary equipment!

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