S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Where I wasn't

I've yet to be home for a caucus. I've been in school every January since I became eligible to vote. This weekend, I briefly thought of flying home, but then realized that every plane in and out of Des Moines was probably booked solid with media and get-out-the-voters. And likely it was. A Sunday night part at the Art Center for visiting media was apparently very well attended. The BBC had three reporters there, some of whose coverage I've been following online.

My parents said that that four years ago, perhaps 200 showed up for our precinct caucus - this time it was more like 350 and the auditorium at my junior high school was too small for everyone. In our precint, Edwards placed first - he was supported by the Des Moines Register, which may have helped give him an extra edge in some parts of the state at the last minute. Kerry came a somewhat close second (and seems to have the majority statewide), while Dean came a more distant third. Statewide, it looks like many more people participated in the primaries than usual.

I love these weeks, where briefly, reporters from around the world throng to my home state and broadcast its minutia - and larger issues - across the globe. It makes front page headlines here in Canada; it makes BBC headlines. And there's an outside chance that Iowa caucus related news might continue in the theater pages this summer. The Register reports that in the past few weeks, a San Diego playwright who went to college in iowa was written a musical: Caucus! I love the concept (politics ought to be social - and when you have people being social, they can sing ensemble numbers together), and it fits right in with an erratic tradition of musicals set in Iowa. There's talk of perhaps staging the play during the Democratic National Convention in Boston this summer.

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