S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Work? What work?

I have a sneaking suspicion it might be best to give up hope of accomplishing any dissertation-type work until post-trip at this point. Perhaps I might fit in half a day on Thursday or Friday, but it's probably not best to count on it. Today is Latin continued. I meet up with Cat in about 2 hours and I still have a page or so left to gloss. And after that I'll do some quick pre-trip clothing shopping. Hope and lots of laundry. The forecast is for less smog and mildly less heat than yesterday. I'm very very happy about this.

I have 3 sets of tickets thus far for the trip, two airplane trip sets, and one Bombay Dreams set. We have a trip! Now for places to stay...

Something entertaining, link-wise, found on Cory Doctorow's site: an insta-cartoon face. The result isn't the fun part, switching around the bits and pieces of the face is.
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