S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


It's snowing out, lightly, but steadily. The snow is light. It hardly weighs a thing on my shovel, drifting off back towards where I just shoveled it from. The shovel weighs more than it does. Nevertheless, there's increasingly quite a bit of it piling up outside, and it's due to keep snowing through the evening. There's enough snow due in that evening classes are cancelled at the university, not that I have any. The stairs to the basement are a smooth slope of white. The drifts are smooth and elegant. Front yards look like plump handkerchiefs, their edges embroidered with a hint of dormant hedge branches poking out through the whiteness.

It's not too cold out, and though the wind is persistant, it's not too hard or chill. I've bought groceries and I don't have to go out tomorrow until the evening. I was even sensible to the point of buying groceries I can eat even if the power fails, much as I hope it won't. C. must have read the forecast and went to Mexico to avoid the storm, not because work really needed to send him there.

Update: I'd heard that this was a confluence of two storms, and reading around, I know know where these storms are coming from: presumably one is the same as is busy dropping snow on Iowa, while the other is the ice-and-snow storm which blanketed the east coast yesterday in particular. Depressingly, we're forecast for snow and ice pellets tomorrow.

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