S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


As I thought, work seems out of reach this week. Today is errands. Lots of doing laundry, using up various ingredients from the refridgerator, buying a few last pre-trip things. I just filled the empty barrel on the deck with soil. Conclusions: we have nearly enough soil to fill a second barrel. Or at least half of another barrel. And the deck is really, really hot with all that sunshine. I didn't burn my feet, but they're feeling rather sensitive from having that heat inflicted on them. Next time I wear shoes.

Also, lots of important things to send off in the mail before we leave. I must stop by the post office. At least, after last night's cleaning, the apartment doesn't look nearly so bad anymore. But the piles of clothing could use some work.

It may be cooler today than yesterday but it's still pretty warm. The sky, though, is blue with lovely fluffy white clouds.
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