S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Goals, plants, and softball

U of T's CMS has had a softball team for something like 25 years now, the Papal Bulls. If you're ever around Toronto in the summer and want a quick and easy way to get to know Toronto graduate student medievalists, go to the softball games. It's the only team in the summer league which has at least as many people cheering it on as playing in the game, and there are always pub nights afterwards. Anyways, I mention it since they play this afternoon/evening and thus it will be eating into any semblance of a working day today.

What is today's work? Write a page or three about my methodology, but at very least a page. Make a list of types of methodologies and straighten out what they all mean. (Admittedly, this second goal is likely to be pursued over the course of months, not just today). Make a list of things to pursue for the rest of the week - i.e. a more long-term game plan since I'm still flailing, in the sense that I'm still figuring out post-vacation what I'm meant to be doing.

Good things: I've heard from my advisor! I bought several plants to replace the ones which vanished while I was away, likely kidnapped by a racoon, including oregano, spearmint, cayenne pepper plants, and a flowering plant called Bella Mix. Hopefully none will prove as tasty to the racoon as the other kinds of pepper plants did, but I'm not counting on it.

Strange things: The Search for John Gissing is an odd movie, with Janeane Garofalo as the highlight and Alan Rickman in a very oddball role. It wasn't funny, although now and again it was intellectually amusing. It's about an American businessman, part of a corporation who, along with his wife, has been moved to London to take over someone else's role. But that someone else doesn't want to give it up and does his best to sabotage the American at every turn, even before he's made it to the company HQ in London. I saw it as part of a new British movie film festival, so I have no idea when it's slated for general release.

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