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Odds and Ends

* I updated the list again today with a few more weblogs. I swear that someday I will make the colors easier to read. Someday around the time I redesign the website and am not busy writing a chapter.

* About half an hour after I arrived home, the bright of day turned overcast and it started to rain. It must be spring.

* Speaking of spring, and thus "It might as well be spring", and thus of listening to music, I'm still very happy with Urban Trad's Kerua album. It's especially good for house cleaning, or, as in today's case, desk cleaning.

* I'll be attending the conference in honor of John Munro's retirement this weekend, entitled Money, Markets, and Trade in Late Medieval Europe. This is why I'm not in Ithaca this weekend with the Vagantes crowd.

* I need to book plane tickets, bus tickets, and send off registrations for all sorts of things. Locally, these include Ad Astra and Anime North. Further afield, I'll be attending the Wind and Watermills conference at State College, PA in mid-April, Kalamazoo in early May, and the History of Science Society meeting in Halifax in August.