S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Smallest World

Academia, SF&F fandom, and the internet are all small places. In both places, it's easy to run into the same people I know in all sorts of different places, or at least people who know those people. None of us are very far away from each other, socially or geographically. Academics cross the geographical division by travelling to conferences, SF&F fans to conventions. Webpages are accessible almost everywhere.

I have lots of small small world stories. I only have one good big small world story, and many of you have probably already heard it, so I'll just tell you about some of my recent small small world stories.

* At the conference I went to last weekend, I met someone who knew my best friends from high school. This was fairly improbably even if they both are at the same large university, since one is modernist in Islamic Studies, the other a medieval historian. It turns out that the latter had taught the former historiography a few years back.

* You know I posted about running into the Guest of Honor at the conference I attended last weekend? Well, apparently one of his colleagues forwarded the post to him, he printed it out so a friend of mine who'd been there for it could see it, and she told me about it. He still found it funny, for which I'm glad. It's a small campus sometimes.

* I've known haggisthesecond for a few years now, both online and through a few real life meetings on both sides of the Atlantic. Now and again I've glanced at the LJs of people on her friends list who comment on her weblog, but never too often. One of those people was zero_gravity. So I went to a party a few weeks ago, hosted by Rob Sawyer, a major SF writer who lives locally, and, among all the people there, I got along particularly well with a woman dressed in a lovely, flowy velvety dress since, well, I liked her clothing if nothing else. None of her life's details rang any bells for me at the time. At the end of the evening, we exchanged email addresses, and halfway through her writing down hers, everything clicked. She was zero_gravity.

* Later that day, after that party, our ride, a friend of a friend, obviously one interested in the SF scene in town, took us all to his girlfriend's birthday party. I'd completely forgotten that his girlfriend was someone I'd hung out with a few years earlier with the medievalists' softball team on campus.

* Thanks to theengineer's recommendation of The Accordian Guy's weblog, I know there's a "Poliblogger" bash in my own backyard tonight. I don't know any of the attendees so there's no point in going. Still, I hope they have a chance to enjoy the world's best muffins while at it. (What does Poliblogger mean? It's the first time I've heard the term. Does it refer to people who blog for all different kinds of purposes? Does it refer to people who blog, regardless of the software they use to do it? Bloggers who like to post polls? Bloggers who own baby frogs?)

They're all small worlds.

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