S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


My returning houseguest arrives in 2 or 3 hours. The apartment may be messy but the guest room is unusually tidy for once.

I did write up some methodology things yesterday, but it's inelegant, and I certainly made no start on exploring what kinds of methodologies there are out there. Actually, my houseguest is a particularly good resource for learning about methodologies, so maybe I'll make her earn her keep by telling me about them. Instead, I spent much of the afternoon looking up lots of book references in the online library catalog which relate the primary sources I've found thus far through ICA. After all, at some point I'll need to learn more about them. If purpose fails me, maybe I'll pursue that tact through article databases today.

Today's goals: learn more about methodologies in general and ask around for an example of a metholody statement so I can work on mine in relation to one or more others. Write about where I'm up to so far (since I still haven't done that 3 days later, not really.) And look up articles.

I'm not really expecting to do any work tomorrow, but on that subject, much as I dislike gender stereotyping, an intriguing little pattern has emerged. All the females I invited to the event have decisively either told me yes, they can come, or no, they can't. Most of the males have said maybe.

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