S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

The Invisible Adjunct signs off

At least half a year ago, perhaps a year ago - I can't recall anymore - I ran across the Invisible Adjunct's weblog. It was intelligent and funny and all about academia, from graduate students to issues surrounding retirement, but ultimately focused on the overproduction by the academy, particularly in history, and the increasingly limited job prospects within academia for which they were being trained. It was educational, information, and spawned lively and useful discussions. It was depressing and inspiring. It helps to remind me on a very pragmatic basis to both question my career motivation and to reassure me that I love what I am working on right now. No other newsletter or weblog covered the fundamental nature of "the university" in the same way, and I, along with hundreds of others, greatly appreciated what we read, and the opportunities to discuss the matter over with others interested in the subject, whether they were ex-academics, current, or aspiring ones. I've been reading it ever since.

Today, I read that the Invisible Adjunct is, after all these years, taking control of her life, looking for something with more long-term prospects than the adjuncting she felt stuck in, and leaving the academy and her weblog behind. I'm glad she's found her resolution. I'm glad she no longer feels trapped. I'll miss her weblog and all the discussions I could read and all the usefulness I had from it. I wish her well, wherever her paths may lead her.

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