S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Con Commuting

It's more difficult to attend conferences and conventions when they are so convenient as to be in town. Let me reword that. Attending them in the first place is easier. The challenge is how much of the event I can attend. When I'm commuting from home, then I'm still involved in the minutia of my daily life: cleaning, correspondance, chores. They still need doing and they infringe on the time I might otherwise have spent immersed in whatever the weekend's event is. This is all true even if it's an event I'm completely devoted to for the weekend, because of the usual length of commute to arrive there in the first place. The small local academic conferences are sometimes an exception to this generalization, especially if the event isn't held at a hotel and everyone involved is commuting - then it's a commonality, not an impediment.

It's noon already, and I haven't left the house. It'll take me an hour to arrive at Ad Astra. If I was trying to arrive for event in particular, I might have left by now, but I'm not. It's the general experience of being there, of sampling event, which I'm after, as is the case with so many SF/F conventions. The one event I particularly wanted to attend has already happened, last night. Jason's show was particularly good this year - better than last year, I have to say, since last year it dragged somewhat. He parodied The Return of the King and it took less than half the time the actual movie took, which is pretty good pacing after the jokes and commentary are added in. His Aurora award was particularly shiny, and the beacons were enthusiastically communicative.

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