S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Lord of the Rings, the musical

In Spring of 2005, the West End musical of the Lord of the Rings will open. I'm excited about this not just thanks to the subject matter, but also because A.R. Rahman is the primary composer for it. Thanks to Bollywood Dreams, I'm a fan of his work. (I know he's a prolific Bollywood composer, but I only know his work from that one musical.) None of this is recent news - it was announced last fall, but I only just wandered across the website for the production today, which is why it's on my mind.

Peter Jackson took plenty of flak from fans of the series who didn't like the way he edited the books down to fit into three movies with a combined total of something like eight and a half hours of screen time. This project will be one musical, covering all three books, and surely won't have a running time of more than three-four hours at the outside. It is, after all, inteded to be a popular musical production. In other words, it'll leave out large swathes of plot and will combine and rework far more than the movies have. Musicals are good for summarizing things like long journeys effectively, and they can be quite expeditious with major battles. Even so, there's a fair amount of plot that just won't be making it to stage next year. I'm betting, at very least, that Tom Bombadil loses out again.

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