S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Library Luck

I rediscovered the libraries on campus today for the first time in a few weeks. I'm at the phase in the chapter I'm working on where I gather as many relevant sources as possible which I haven't already consulted, along with books I no longer have checked out but am likely to need again. This whole process is easier than it used to be with more and more journals available in their entirety through university subscriptions online. Today, I found that all of the Journal of the Courtauld and Warburg Institutes are available this way, which was exciting.

I worked through online sources and bibliographies this morning and, in my first fluke of luck of the day, it turned out that I only needed to go to two of the campus libraries. More frequently, I'll need five or six on any given day. After photocopying a few articles, I went to find the one book I particularly wanted to check out - and discovered that although I had the name of the article about the book, I hadn't looked up the call number in advance for the book that article was in. "Oh well", I thought, "I can come back another day, I have too much else to look for just now." In a fit of improbability, given how large Robarts was, not half an hour later I wandered across that very book on the stacks of Robarts, in an entirely different part of the library from where the book that the article was about was located. I'd never seen it before, but it was at eye-level and in an eye-catching white-on-purple. My secondary reading found me.

Going to the library is a good social event too. I ran into three friends around Robarts whom I hadn't seen ages, and two of them had time for good conversations before we went off to pursue our respective work.

I hope this feeling of productivity lasts.
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