S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

The Pepper Thief/ves return

I've seen them now, which happily settles the "debate" innostrantsa, my houseguest, and I have sort of been having the past day or so. Last night I had run upstairs to get the seccateurs (I'm blanking on the North American word for them) to trim the stems of the roses Jenn gave me, and, while I was up there, had a look on the deck to check on the plants. They'd gotten to my flowering plant (technically it's not in flower, but I bought it because it would be in flower). It was uprooted and they'd dug deeply into its pot, scattering soil messily around. So I had a look around and, standing on the benches, saw some rustling down near ground level, along the fence which runs under the edge of the next door neighbor's grape vines. Two medium-sized racoons emerged onto the garage downstairs and poked around for a few minutes.

I kept watching. Soon they changed their minds and backtracked, back under the grapevines to the back of the next door house and proceeded to shimmy up the drainpipes onto their roof. And then across the roof to climb over the narrow gap between the houses onto our roof. At which point I yelled at them, and they hid in the space under our deck, between the deck and roof, at which point it wasn't really possible to get to them any further. I've repotted the flowering plant and it may yet survive, presuming it's not taken again, which I'm fully expecting it will be. There's no way to keep the racoons away, after all, although they have been avoiding the beds with the wood mulch on them, so I could at least try that on the pots.

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