S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


1. Ping-pond: A work of art wherein the audience completes the work, part of a show (called Work Ethic and originally shown in Baltimore) which opened tonight at the Des Moines Art Center. It consists of four half pingpong tables which intersect the four sides of a square pond in the middle, complete with water lilies. There are four paddles and four balls available. How exactly you choose to play this game is up to you, but the general consensus seemed to be that the goal was to avoid getting the ball in the water. I spent a large part of the opening reception playing.

2. Meme-of-first-twenty-random-song-lines: A week and a half ago, I backed up all my data and wiped my hard drive clean. In the process of reinstalling all my software and data, I realized that Apple, in its diligence in cooperating with the Digital Security Act (or whatever the law is called) does not provide authorized software for copying data from iPods back to a computer, just vice versa. Now, I figured I had all my song data nicely backed up on the iPod and so hadn't thought to back it up any other way. A bit of research on iPod Lounge showed that there was various non-authorized software for doing exactly that, and were all very popular downloads indeed. So, in the process of downloading various software for my revised machine, I downloaded that as well. And then never got around to using it before I left for this trip.

My sister has no operating system she can use with her iPod and so relies on my laptop to get her music collection onto her iPod. Consequently, it was rather inconvenient that I arrived here with absolutely no music on my laptop, including hers. As a consequence, we'll be copying her music over most carefully to avoid data loss. In the meantime, we're ripping her CDs onto my laptop. So, even if I wanted to play this meme-game right now, what would be the point? I don't know any of the music on my laptop!

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