S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Yesterday, in nouns

Pearson airport. maxineofarc and Tina! Clafouti. Strawberry-rhubarb tart. Js Bonbon. Lavender bittersweet hot chocolate. Peach Berserk. Lush. Little India. Carrot halvah and other tasty Indian treats! TTC. Bhajis and potato balls. Pork chops and fried potatoes with rosemary. Rainbow Market Square Cinemas! Van Helsing.

I would have gotten much more out of my day if my tastebuds had been fully functional. I had to take another's word for the fact that the lavender in my hot chocolate was tastable, if delicate.

A question about Van Helsing: In the closing credits, a department of Entomology was credited. Why?

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