S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Pepper Thievery Update

This is proving an constant supply of news you just can't get anywhere else - and odds are, you wouldn't want to get anywhere else. The Pepper Thieves returned again last night, despite the rain. They're persistent creatures, and hit up the same two plants they savaged yesterday. For the third time running, they dug up the flowering plant (and I have once again replanted it, although the roots are starting to look a little dry). The pepper plant which they cut in half yesterday - they came back and entirely dug it up today. There's no trace of it exect a well-dug hole in the pot. They've left the other 3 cayenne plants alone for now, however. The mint is looking mussed, but otherwise whole.

C. did some online research yesterday on keeping racoons away, but didn't spent long enough on it to make it past the expensive commercial solutions to the problem.

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