S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


I'm in Boston now for a few days. It's hot and muggy here too, as it was in Toronto. The rain this evening doesn't seem to have helped much.

maxineofarc cooked a lovely meal for hedgies and me, complete with fried chive flowers. As a garnish, they're lovely and elegant, but chive flowers certainly do taste extra-intensely of chives! I really like their apartment. It's spacious, with a beautiful garden outside, irises blooming in the sunlight, a porch, and separate spaces for computers and the living room. Also, I've met a hedgehog for the first time in my life. Pashmina is a cute creature with a nose that's constantly snuffling.

I'm starting to catch up on the Sailor Stars episodes I never saw, and I saw my first Invader Zim episode, which was very amusing. I could see it being prone to culthood.
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