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As many of you know, Gypsy Moon is my favorite clothing store. Coming to Boston every year or two has not only been good for visiting friends, but good for my wardrobe as well. These days, Gypsy Moon primarily does wholesale, selling its Gadja design label to a number of stores scattered across the US and Canada. They might be sold in an Australian outlet sometime soon as well. The main store is now open by appointment only - and even that will be moving by summer's end, probably to central Lexington.

So of course I went to their main store as long as I was in town. It's been over two years since I've had a chance to buy clothing there. I like their clothing so much since not only is it all made out of material which feels wonderful, it's all machine washable, and with a good sense of flow. If I'd made an appointment, however, I wouldn't have had to come back two hours later. Then again, I might not have found the lovely purple skirt and golden brown culottes that I bought down the street at Looks (which also stocks a few Gadja design pieces). Apparently there aren't any bookstores near Porter Square. I asked.

I spent an hour or so trying on clothing at Gypsy Moon, chatting with the salewoman (who remembered me!) and swirling skirts around. Their retailable selection is much more slender than it used to be, but that's because they're not doing retail much anymore. The decisions were still difficult. In the end, I bought a lovely coordinating top and skirt in deep purple with eye-catching mossy-bright green velvet around the wrists and ankles, in addition to a "Farfalla" silk chiffon underskirt and a silk suede shirt which matchs the skirt I already have. I never need to go clothing shopping ever again - or at least until next year - or something like that.

Afterwards, I spent a lovely evening catching up with Tamara. We had a great deal of catching up to do since we're both lousy at staying in email contact, so we mostly only catch up whenever I'm in Boston. She expressed interest in visiting me in Toronto too - in part because she's never met C. and in part because the idea of good food tourism appealed to her. We ate dinner at the Union Oyster House and then caught up on book recommendations and discussions over at the nearby Borders. She didn't like Lyra either. The evening ended all too soon for us, but just in time for me to race out of the subway station and on to the waiting-and-about-to-leave only-runs-every-45-minutes bus and make it back to my hosts' place promptly enough for a good conversation.

It was a very good day.

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