S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


After two tearjerking episodes of Sailor Moon Stars, I caught the bus to Springfield. I ignored the video service, a documentary on Robin Hood, in favor of a randomized song selection in my own ears. I drifted off at one point, and awoke with my ear numbed from being squashed against the headphone. I hope I learn from this.

It's been a few years since I last saw darkling_dreams, but it felt as if no time at all had passed. Sure, she has an iguana now, a spectacular vegetarian lizard who loves his fruit, but her cat and her snake were the same, and she was still a great deal of fun to talk to. We played word games at the airport while waiting for revengel to arrive, and then, our evening's social group intact, finally went for a late dinner. She told me I had to watch some Kenshin and Escaflowne at some point, and that I might like the Soulcaliber games. We looked at pictures from our year at York, and I remembered all sorts of FreakSoc folks that I'd forgotten all about, and many that I remember fondly. Does anyone know what ever happened to Sam? We talked into the night before we all crashed, and, the next morning, after being entertained by the iguana eating a banana, I left for Cape Cod.

revengel was a great deal of fun to be around, in part because I unfortunately kept misunderstanding what he said. We have many of the same bad speaking habits you see. We both speak too quickly and fail to enunciate sufficiently when excited. We both are prone to unexpected tangents mid-conversation. Between us, it was an entertaining challenge to keep the conversation straight.

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