S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Choosing an audience

Who is your intended audience for your weblog? Yourself? Friends? A select group of friends for whom you lock your entries? Family? Professional colleagues? To what degree do you consider audience when you write your posts? How do you tell if you've reached the right audience? Do you ever think or even care about audience when it comes to writing online posts?

When I started writing this one, my intended audience was my family. It's evolved greatly along the way, and now my intended audience is much more inclusive. I write the most for my friends, but I also consider my family and colleagues in my posts. At the back of my mind I always think before making a public post: would I be willing to have a search committee twenty years from now read this post?

(I've been thinking a great deal about the social structures which work with writing this week. I haven't played with the poll function on LiveJournal before, but I'm slowly mentally designing one on the subject of writing and audience which I won't figure out or post until I'm no longer paying by the minute for almost-local dialup.)
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