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Media and Cuisine

I'm going down in the world. A few days ago I was at Woods Hole. Yesterday, I was at Wood's Pit.

Wood's Pit is a barbecue restaurant located just outside the Bantam Cinema in Bantam, CT. It's a scenic area, with lush green hills and the town itself seems to largely consist of innumerable upscale holiday homes crammed around a rather nice lake. Apparently the Cinema is owned by a local hotel, to give its guests something to do while their in town. Meanwhile, the locals take advantage of it for art-house movies. We were there to see I'm not scared (Io non ho paura), a "coming-of-age thriller" which was reasonably good. This is high praise coming from me, since thrillers are stressful for me to watch. The wheat field was my favorite character in the movie.

Afterwards, we ate spare ribs. They were really good ones, barbecued to tenderness, so that the meat came easily off of the bones, but didn't actually fall off of its own accord (so to speak). They were good enough that sauce wasn't even necessary - just as well, since I liked the smokey taste of the ribs better than the taste of the available sauce. The baked beans were excellent and, while not of the same quality, I was delighted to have sweet potato fries at all. I'm a big fan of sweet potatoes. We were too full for dessert, but that's partially because we'd started the meal nibbling on tortilla chips, the most delicately tasty ones I've ever had.

Today we went concerting, the last in the year's local concert series. The music was good and beautifully played (Ravel, Debussey, Jungen, and Bax). The group was called Aureole. The harpist was particularly wonderful to watch and listen to. If no one had spoken and I hadn't had a program, then I would just have a wonderful music left in my head to remember. But instead, I'm slightly confused. Why did they skip the Bach Sonata they said they would play? ("Less is more" with such an unusual trio, said the speaker-of-the-moment) Is the combination of flute, viola, and harp really that stunningly, unexpectingly unnerving for an audience? The performers seemed to think it was - they kept mentioning it. I'm willing to believe that no one composed for that particular combination before Debussey, but the sound isn't drastically different from flute, harp, and cello, and I know I have a number of recordings at home of that combination. Perhaps the music students among you would differ?

Afterwards we went out to a Chinese restaurant which also had a sushi bar. I ordered mu shu pork, which was tasty, if not overwhelming. Another woman in the group experimentally ordered sushi for the first time, but soon decided she didn't like it, so I traded a mu shu pork and pancake for the rest of her sushi and we were both happy.

My grandmother has become an enthusiastic NetFlix user in the last year. As an HSX player, I see advertisements for the service all the time, but had never seen it in action. It's a dvd rental-by-mail service which works quite well apparently. Tonight, courtesy of NetFlix, we watched The Commitments. It's a movie I've heard about for years but never seen. It was lightweight, but engrossing and the music was certainly good!

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