S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Ferry tidbits

The price on the website for a one-way ferry trip, not including the $4 for portage and customs fee, is US$28. The price posted at the ferry terminal in Rochester for the same is US$20.

As of next week, there will be three return trips between Rochester and Toronto a day.

The prices posted on the ferry, such as for food, are listed in US Dollars. They said they'd be willing to convert if necessary.

In theory, the Toronto terminal will take three months to construct. They have telephone and electricity lines laid. They are waiting for the city to install water pipes before beginning construction.

You can bring bicycles, motorcycles, trailers, and trucks onto the ferry - for an extra charge. They will check your luggage if you like - no extra charge.

The ferry has wireless internet available.

The Rochester ferry terminal has an espresso/coffee stand with muffins, bagels, and cookies available. There are lots of "coming soon" signs for a sushi bar, a burger joint, and a Quizno's.

The TTC bus which services the ferry terminal-to-be area runs from Union Station to Pape station (and vice versa) via Cherry Street and the docks area. Taxis seemed scarce, although there was someone there to call more for us. Only three were waiting when the ferry pulled up.

They offer a reasonable array of food on board, real meals, fruit, juices, beer, danishes, and hot dogs, among other things. The staff has been working less than a week and is still learning their way around their highly computerized cash registers. Prepack danishes are apparently listed under Staples, then Breakfast, then Sides.

There are two small movie theaters and a games room. All seemed aimed primarily at keeping kids busy during the voyage. The "games room" is called the "Kidz Cove". The movie theaters showed Starsky and Hutch, and one of the Scooby Doo movies.

The four frontmost prize seats in the Panorama Lounge have their backs to the view, conversationally facing those with better views.

There's a business class section. It's one floor up from "coach".

For more official information and to book tickets: http://www.catsfastferry.com/Index.asp

You can't tell from my comments, but I really loved the ferry trip. I want to travel everywhere this way. I'll tell you more about it later.

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