S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Birthdays, chocolates, cakes, and lovely things

All the women with June birthdays are out of town this month, spending yet-another-day of getting older off in various European locations. Colin, however, is spending his right here in town. While he was off at the Pride Day parade this afternoon (Toronto's numerically biggest event of the year!), I went cake shopping. He knows I was going to, so none of what follows will spoil any surprises.

I keep going back to the same place to get cakes and tarts because, well, it's fairly convenient, and they're really good. Queen of Tarts is located on Roncesvalles, closer to Dundas than Queen, but somewhere in between the two. I write about them every few months when I go back for more tarts, soups, cakes, and my favorite brownies.

For variety's sake, I thought perhaps I should try out some new bakery today. This city has plenty of them, after all, and I've a guide book which specializes in recommending them. Lemon Meringue, Patachou, and Phipps are closed Sunday. No luck there, and Lemon Meringue isn't much further away than Queen of Tarts is. I didn't really want to go all the way across town on a streetcar route when Yonge, center of the city, was closed for the Pride Parade. I considered Rahier Patisserie, but the entry in the guidebook said it might have moved by spring. So I turned to search engines for updated information, and the first two Toronto pastry shops I searched for both brought me to the same website.

This, then, is how I wandered across Yummy Baguette, a website specializing in gourmet food recommendations, particularly breads, pastries, and chocolates. While they seem to have more wide-ranging geographical pretensions, for now they're very Canadian-focused, and the majority of the shops they've reviewed are right here in Toronto. The site seems particularly good for including TTC directions and store hours in most cases. I like the inclusion of photographs, magnifyable to better see what tasty treats await. Their reviews, however, are compact and functional, much of a muchness with the degree of depth available from the Toronto Life Eating and Drinking Guide. Neither tell me quite as much as I'd like to know about the pastry shops and their selections. Of course, as is the way with so many businesses, the pastry shops own websites aren't necessarily any more informative. What does the Senses Bakery sell, other than cookies? I'm not sure.

I browsed through the Yummy Baguette's list of baguette-rated pastry shops and despaired - everything was too far away! closed too early! I couldn't tell if all of them necessarily did cakes, or if they just specialized in miniatures, as the Cupcake Shoppe does (2417 Yonge, at Eglinton - listed in the Toronto Life Guide). I gave up and just went back to Queen of Tarts, at the mercy of their Sunday afternoon selection, but secure in the knowledge that yes, they do cakes and large tarts, yes, they were open, and yes, I could get there before they closed.

Maybe next time I'll be organized and commission a cake instead.

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