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From sea to shining sea

Today's Canada Day. Happy birthday, Canada!


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Jul. 1st, 2004 03:44 pm (UTC)
Heh, you beat me to it.

Fireworks tonight methinks...
Jul. 1st, 2004 05:35 pm (UTC)
Fireworks. Absolutely.

In the past, I've gone down with the crowds to sit on the roadway embankment and watch the fireworks over Ontario Place. This year, I might just watch them from a mile away and the comfort of home instead.
(Deleted comment)
Jul. 1st, 2004 05:36 pm (UTC)
Canada is terribly convenient for those us who want to celebrate the fourth of July, since sparklers and fireworks are all readily available for sale - and hey, they might even be ON sale post-Canada Day!

Good luck!
Jul. 1st, 2004 06:23 pm (UTC)
Happy Birthday, Canada
That would be an awfully big cake to bake : )

Ithaca always has fireworks the Thursday before the holiday, so we are, coincidentally, having our fireworks, too.

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