S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


* I saw another Fringe show last night, Shakespeare's Comic Olympics. It had many highlights, but was rather erratic as whole. I absolutely loved the half-time show dance of the Wall; Falstaff was good - in large part because he was audible miked; Calibear was a good mascot; and I really liked the way they did water sports.

* A belated happy birthday to Jennie, whose birthday I went to today. She loved Venice, had a great time wandering around and shopping there, exactly what one should do when one is in Venice.

* I met up with saffonjan and gave her lots of apartment-hunting advice. If she's extraordinarily lucky, she might even have a place to live by now.

* Despite all the bad reviews, I still admit to being curious about seeing King Arthur.

* HSX goes up and up and up!

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