S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

The problem with fixing things...

First off, let me say I am immensely grateful that I have a very diligent, caring landlady who repairs and fixes things when they're starting to go wrong and not, like my last landlord, only when they're entirely broken. She is a lovely person. However... even more so than when a guest comes over, I feel compulsively obliged to make sure the apartment is particularly clean when she comes over. It's important to me she thinks I'm a good tenant and anyways, it's nice to have the place tidied up for guests. When there's a few days advance warning - as there usually is - this is no problem.

Today, however, there's a reasonably chance she or her fiance will be coming over today, since I just reported to her the toilet tank is leaking water. (Nothing bad, just constant low-level trickling and refill noises.) Which means I will probably need to hurriedly clean the place up. This could be worse. I've had days like this when I actually urgently needed to get things done. Today, I would merely like to get things done.

As what things, you ask, would I like to get done? Having finished reading the thesis on Alchemy (yay!), I would really like to return it to its rightful owner. Having finished nabbing the bits of bibliography I wanted from the Alchemy thesis, I'd like to pursue databasing further, especially since I have my nice, newly redesigned bibliography database, courtesy of yesterday's efforts. And I would still like to write up the methodology information . Also, organize my files on the hard drive (not very time consuming since I still haven't transferred all the old ones to the new machine).

Also, laundry needs doing, as do the dishes, two activities which cannot be done at the same time due to lack of the necessary water pressure.

In other news, the racoons failed to pay a visit last night, Danai, a woman in my department, is now engaged, and at the softball game last night - which I did not attend, due to the fact I was hanging out with the SciFi-types instead at the time - the Bulls won and Jennifer caught a ball on her lip, leading to her needing 6 stitches. Ouch. On the bright side, the opposition was medical students, so at least she had good advice when the injury happened.

The concert was good, but after 2 sets, the smoke and the heat and a general sense of fatigue got to me. C. said I missed the best set. They had a good harmonica player and blues singer on after I left. But my hair is lovely and clean and smoke-free now, and I feel fairly well rested, and don't really begrudge missing it.

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