S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Magic User's Club

Magic User's Club (Maho Tsukai Taii) is a fluffy bit of comedy. The plot arcs are divided between the OAV - the intro series - and the TV Series. The OAV episodes are much better at being both self-contained and impacting the overall plot development, in part because the conflict resolves around a readily identifiable enemy, an alien observation ship looming over Earth.

In the TV series, to a certain extent it's unclear what's real and what's dreamworld for much of the series. Each episode comes to less of a satisfying conclusion, but from episode to episode, it's less than clear what the characters have learned of the overall plot either. The series' ultimate ending was an all-purpose one, designed to give absolutely everybody what they want (which isn't possible since there are too many conflicting desires) without committing to any one long-term resolution. The ultimate evil proved equally diffuse.

I've been watching the episodes over the course of the past few days, and it was fun watching, generally, with delightful moments that I will remember (painting the school!), and it had a very nice balance between romance, friendship, and character interaction. Ultimately, however, it's not a very significant series.

In other anime news: The Fruits Basket box set has a tentative release date of Nov. 9 and Sailor Moon Super S as a complete series on August 3rd.

In unrelated anime news: AnimeIowa has outgrown its Cedar Rapids origins and is moving to the capital this year, September 17-19th if you're interested. Oddly, the con will also include a vampire LARP.

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