S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


In a fit of organization, we had brunch, went shopping, and went for a walk so C. could take photographs all in one fell swoop. The Drake still makes amazingly good burgers and there are still non-stop festivals going on at the Harbourfront Centre all summer long. The wind was good for sailing today, so the inner harbour was thronged. Occasionally, the boats made way for a sea plane to land.

We looked at the rows and rows of condos and all the new condo sites. Views of the Gardiner Expressway seem to be much in demand, based on the new construction sites. So many of them are crowded into so little space. So many balconies line up to shares the view of the islands and the lake.

C. bought a hat (about time, with his complexion and the amount of time he spends outside) and I reluctantly admitted I needed a practical, elegant, slightly larger handbag and so bought one. Afterwards, we went by the large LCBO near the foot of Yonge Street, to see if they had any cloudberry liquour. The man who looked it up apologized: the entire province was out just now.

The day became muggy and too hot, but we walked up to the streetcar anyways, stopping only for hot chocolate (and that, only for me) on the way home.

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