S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


The flowers look so pretty with the sunshine on them, glowing away in the light. I would take a picture, but I'm out of film, and C. is trying to get his camera software to work again - it stumbled after he upgraded is OS this week, so he can't download pictures again yet. The flowers are all from my birthday, which was over a week ago now, so the flowers still being colorful and somewhat lifelike is a very pleasing thing. The air conditioning must be helping them.

I've done a little bit of tidying this afternoon, mostly of the paper-sorting variety, and mild rearranging type. I've discovered I own quite a few different teas, thanks to Cat giving me a tea box for my birthday, and me finally trying to fit all my teas in it (doesn't work - but fits many of them). I rearranged the book holder by the decorative objects shelves in the living room so that it now only has Canada, Ontario, and Toronto guide books and maps, plus the Harry Potter board games in it. It looks much better for it. I put out the rest of C.'s owl collection: the tiny ones had been hiding in a small box all year. And I cleaned off the shoe rack - it was clogged with lots of odd and end papers. The place doesn't really look any cleaner, but I know I put some work into it, and that's something.

rhiannon76 just acquired herself a paid LJ account, which idly reminds me that I should make better use of mine. I have a lovely little picture still waiting to be used (it's on C.'s harddrive, not mine). And other such things.

Other thing: I saw my second depressing movie in a week last night, with the MA crowd, the Road to Perdition. While better for me than the immensely stressy Minority Report, it was still violent and somewhat suspenseful. But not bad as a movie. As my grandmother agreed, the cinematography was beautiful and the movie filmed in such a limited palette that she almost remembered it being in black-and-white.

We had brunch at Mitzi's again today (yum), but the walk back convined me that air conditioning was a lovely place to spend the afternoon. We're going out again tonight (to a "not-a-birthday-party-really-honest-Hope's-not-turning-50 party"), but at least it's been a leisurely day, a nice start to the three day weekend. Happy Civic Holiday!

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