S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


My day was full of foods, naps, and phone calls. It was lovely and it was leisurely. I ate far too much, but it was good food. I spoke to all the members of my immediate family, one phone call per person. My parents, along with tens of thousands of Ragbrai riders, were scattered across the western hills of Iowa. My sister and I played phone tag all day, but my grandmothers and I reached each other easily enough. C.'s parents even called in honor of the day!

All I have done this weekend was eat. On Friday, we went to the Hopper Hut, probably the best Indian restaurant in town. On Saturday, we went to St. Lawrence market, picnicked, and then ate farmer's market bounty for dinner. (I've outlined a whole post's worth of foods involved in yesterday, but it's not read to post yet.) Today, we went to Mitzi's (pistachio ricotta, sour cherries, whipped cream, and maple syrup) for brunch, and then digested in time for a decadently well-paced dinner. I love indulging in the sorts of meals which last for hours, digesting in time for the next course, coordinating drinks, and enjoying leisurely conversation with a few good friends. That's the kind of evening it was. A very good birthday evening.

Thank you for all your lovely birthday wishes!

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