S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Airline mystery

So... I found a good price for an airplane ticket to Des Moines for C. and tried to book it on AA's web site. Problem: I filled in all the information, it never asked me what my country of residence was, I filled in the billing info and clicked continue. Then I get an error message explaining that my country of residence didn't match my billing address. What country of residence? It never asked for one! And anyways, Canada was an option on the drop-down menu of the 5 countries I was allowed to be from to use the service. I gave up. I called the airline using the number in the Toronto phone book. The automated voice system correctly heard me say I was flying from Toronto and connected me to an agent. Agent said, "You're flying out of Toronto? Let me put you through to our International desk." The international desk was doing just fine... until they found out I had a Canadian address on my credit card. It actually wasn't all too bad at this point, the woman couldn't do it through her computer, but her supervisor only took a minute or two to get it processed and then we were back on track. They could even take C.'s BA frequent flier number in their system. So yes, he has tickets, he's coming home for the weekend in the middle of my trip!

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