S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Fresh air

Today was a lovely holiday. We went to the islands with Jessica and Gavin, braving the Caribana crowds and coming equipped with picnic. The weather was nearly perfect, especially with a light breeze blowing. We tossed around the 3 frisbees which we'd collectively brought with us. The picnic worked out well, everyone brought some food for it. Gavin and Jessica rented a 4-wheel, 2-seater bicycle, C. and I put on our wheels and we explored more of the islands. Much of the time I hitched a ride with the bicycle, which made owning the skates well worthwhile. C. said I went much further and faster on my own than I had before: this is because the islands are very flat, well-paved, and I had wide open, not-traffic-clogged space to work with. It was so much better than being on the beaches for me. There was also a fun game of frisbee gold, played two at a time, with the other two picking which tree we'd aim for next.

The bands from Caribana pounded out over all the islands, but it wasn't objectionable at all. Rather nice really. I may saw pounding, but really "audible" is the better word. It wasn't loud from most of the place we were.
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