S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Big city, little world

saffronjan and her husband set up camp in their new apartment today, step one in their move to Canada. Their phone line is installed, high speed internet is working, and they have an air mattress - what more could they need? So we headed out on the town for a night at Phil's Original Barbecue, followed by some ice cream. Phil's is a neighborhood staple for us, where, last time, we ran into Jen and Jason while eating. They live in the neighborhood too.

The Sicilian Café is just down the street, so we swung by when Phil's started to close down. It's a good place to loiter late into the evening, and many other people were already loitering there when we arrived - including the same Jen and Jason we'd seen not long before at Phil's, as well as theengineer, Trenn-whose-name-I-always-forget, Don-who-occasionally-reads-this, and a horde of other serial diners fresh from their latest restaurant-beginning-with-the-letter G. saffronjan remembered Jason from his Ad Astra performance the other year, the first time I met her. Everyone in this little tiny world got on smashingly.
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