S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

From Wolfville to Bedford

The drive from Wolfsville to the Halifax airport isn't more than an hour and a half. We had all day to do it in, and so took our time, loitering over breakfast and morning conversation at the B&B. We left around 10:30.

The skies were blue and filled with rows of fluffy white clouds wandering idly through the sky, a perfectly pleasant day for driving. Grand Pré is a few minutes down the road from Wolfville, the heart of the Congrès Mondial Acadien. The town, you see, was not only one of the deportation sites for Acadians back in 1755, but also the place where Longfellow set his poem Evangeline. Popular ficional characters can be extremely robust sources of touristic interest, and this was, according to all the PR material, a fine example of just that. Copenhagen has the little mermaid, Verona has Romeo and Juliet, Dublin has Molly Malone, and Grand Pré has Evangeline. This was one of the many places we never made it to while staying just down the road.

Neither did we make it to Grand Pré's other major feature, the Domaine de Grand Pré winery and restaurant, along with the home of Stutz Cider. All of them sounded like they'd be good to tour, but it's something else we'll have to save for our next trip to the area. At benet's recommendation, I tried some of the Stutz Cider - it's lovely and very light and full of apple taste. It's a very good cider indeed.

Passing up the views at Hantsport because the tides were high then and the habour there is most worth seeing at low/no tide, we headed onto the highway, the 101. It was the most highwayish highway we'd seen on our entire trip. It had two lanes in both directions! It had a median! The speed limit was 110 km/h! Perversely, I prefer the smaller highways, but it did make the trip to Bedford go quickly.

Bedford? Yes, Bedford, home of the Chicken Burger, recommended by our B&B hosts as a good place to have lunch. It's easy to find, coming off of the 101 and into Bedford, a few lights in on the left, a 50s style diner and a parking lot teeming with cars. Why don't more fast food restaurants serve sandwiches of roast chicken chunks? The advanced prep time is bigger, but the actually speed of serving is much faster. The steamed the buns and piles on the tasty roast meat. Fries, onion rings, a root beer, a strawberry milkshake and our meal was complete. Despite the greasy sound of it, it was actually a good, fairly light meal with very tasty chicken.

Then it was time to return the rental car, check in, and fly back through the white fluffy clouds to Toronto.

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