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Db things

I have a great deal to learn. Of course I do, but I specifically meant, I have a great deal to learn when it comes to databases. The help files don't mean enough to me yet - they obligingly walk me through scenarios which require me to already know any number of subtopics. I don't usually feel as if I'm at such an extremely basic level when it comes to computers but then, I have practically no database experience, so at least I have an excuse.

I saw Riverdance last night for the first time properly. (Improperly was years ago when they crashed a live action vampire RPing game I was at and at 3am, in various states of drunkeness, performed 2 numbers for us. Surreal.) I'm glad I have, especially in the same week as Eurovision, given I just saw the Estonian half-time show. (Riverdance, of course, was begun as the half-times show when it was in Ireland in '94). Somehow, I don't think the Estonian half-time show will go as far as this one has. The Moscow Folk Ballet was especially impressive and indirectly reminded me I still need to buy my Cirque de Soleil tickets before it's too late.

Goals today: Be frustrated with the database and write a conference paper proposal.