S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Tomaso da Modena's Dominican Saints

Guidebooks and websites galore are more than happy to recommend a trip to the chapter house of the church of San Nicolò while in Treviso to visit Tommaso da Modena's reknown frescoes which decorate its walls. The pictures depict forty illustrious Dominicans.

I spent the last hour fruitlessly scouring internet searches for a list of just who those forty illustrious men are. As a consequence, I have concluded that clearly there is a need for this information to be available online, just in case I'm not the only one who worries about these things.

So here you are:

On the North Wall
St. Dominic Guzman; St. Peter of Verona; St. Thomas Aquinas; Blessed Jordan of Saxony; Blessed Raymond Penafort; Blessed John of Wildeshausen; Blessed Albert the Great; Blessed John of Vicenza (Giovanni da Schio); Blessed Isnard of Vicenza; Blessed Walter of Germany; Blessed Peter Sendre; Blessed Pelagrine of Spain; Blessed Bernard of Traversères; Blessed Vincent of Beauvais; Blessed Ambrose of Siena; Blessed Jacob of Venice; Blessed Augustine of Traü; Blessed Peter of Palu; Blessed Maurice of Hungary; Blessed Guido of Naples.

On the South Wall
Pope Innocent V; Pope Benedict XI; Cardinal Hugh of St. Cher; Cardinal Hannibald of Rome; Cardinal Peter of Tarantaise; Cardinal Robert Kilwardby; Cardinal Latino Malabranca; Cardinal Hugh Billom; Cardinal Nicholas Boccasino; Cardinal Nicholas of Prato; Cardinal Walter of England; Cardinal Nicholas of Fréauville; Cardinal Thomas of York; Cardinal William Macclesfeld; Cardinal Matthew Orsini; Cardinal William of Peter Godin; Cardinal Bonifacio of Donoratico; Cardinal Thomas; Cardinal Gerard of Domaro; Cardinal John of Moulins

The problem was, in the end, solved by finding a dissertation which had the information in it. Priscilla Susanna West, Text into art: The 'Chronica Dominicana' and Tomaso da Modena's Chapter House frescoes at San Nicolo in Treviso (Italy). (University of Oregon, 2002).

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