S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Strange and wonderful toys!

Thanks to cliosfolly for mentioning the Monty Python stuffed animals and the plague domes... you didn't provide a picture of the Monty Python offerings! But I, being cunning, found one all by myself. I really like the concept behind the plague domes: A snowdome to represent each of the plagues in Egypt. They've only done two so far, but they're delightful. Meanwhile, have a look at the picture of the Killer Rabbit (with Real Chompy Teeth) from the Holy Grail. It's not quite as cutely lethal looking as Bunbun (as C. pointed out), but it's a winning concept. I'm less sure about the bloody rabbit, but the parrot looks charming enough. The complete selection can be eyed at Troll and Toad.

Oooh, speaking of Sluggystore... there's a Kiki forthcoming!
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