S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Bookish melancholy

I unpacked a box of books I ordered during the Nova Scotia conference with great excitement, only to find the book about which I was the most excited has been backordered.

Also, I finally called Indigo about my missing volume of Prudentius. The man didn't seem overly tuned in to the details of my complaint, and just what it was that was wrong, but pressed whatever button was necessary to instigate an enquiry into what went wrong internally. My hopes are low, but they should be emailing me in two days with some conclusion or other.

In matters unrelated to these missing books, can anyone recommend a book which might deal with Benedictines, or any of the Benedictine-inspired orders, and daily life? I'm specifically interested in an overview of what constituted appropriate manual labor, and the development of that definition, but Benedictine literature is extensive, so I wouldn't mind some help from those of you who know it already.
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