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I went to the once-a-month anime club for the first time in a while. I wasn't avoiding it - I just often have other things to do on Friday nights. Tonight they showed three series that were new to me.

Kiddy Grade was a sampler series. It's a secret-agent-superpower-interstellar-office-type show which showed some promise. The plot wasn't particularly strong in the first episode, but I quite liked the younger-looking agent. Alas, the experience of watching this episode was entirely spoiled by it being dubbed. I'm not a purist when it comes to the subbing vs. dubbing controversy, but I usually prefer subbed for exactly the reason where this showing went wrong. What's with NA dubbers hiring voice actors to do "cartoon"-annoying squeaky voices? They were so grating that when the showing ended, I was deeply relieved to not have to hear those voices any more.

Azumanga Daioh was first recommended to me over a year ago by a Montreal anime fan (SCers - smith Nafai's player). The theme music rather scared me off at the time - it was agressively perky. I'm all in favor of happy, upbeat music, but this was perky with a manic edge. Before the showing started, a cluster of teenaged boys cheered wildly for it - no idea why in particular. The theme is daily school life of Japanese girls, but that doesn't really describe it at all. It's more like a funny comic in anime; a series of sketches involving a core group of characters. It really was funny, and while odd and strange too, there was enough coherency to get me through the strangeness. (And it was an extremely tight-knit plot compared to the Excel Saga, but then again, what isn't?)

Dirty Pair: Project Eden is a movie from an anime series, none of which I'd seen before. It was okay - nothing particularly special or inspiring. The really large hair all the characters sported was rather unexpected. Really big hair.


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Sep. 17th, 2004 08:48 pm (UTC)
True... but the hair was certainly their biggest feature in terms of sheer size and unexpectedness. Of course, all the jokes were about other aspects of the main characters. The hair is apparently something everyone in that universe takes for granted.
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