S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

As American as apple pie

Vegetable shortening looks like whipped cream, only it's kept at room temperature. When I went shopping for it yesterday, along with a pastry cutter/blender, I didn't know where in the supermarket to find it. It wasn't with the butter and margerine, so I had to ask. (aerinah - Wallmart might have had it after all - it was with the cooking oils.)

Now my first batch of pie crust dough is sitting in the refridgerator, bonding, relaxing, or whatever it is that crust dough needs to do before it can be made into a pie. Tonight I'll be able to use up part of my apple-picking spoils and have apple pie!

In other news, my ballot for the November US elections arrived, I have an exciting dinner invitation, and the second of the three books I ordered from Indigo has arrived. I'm not sure why three books I ordered on the same day were all shipped out on the same day... and yet are arriving in three different packages. Why is this economic for them?

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